• The Gasman - Remedial

    Reviewed by cuntface mcgee (dontknow.com)

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Remedial

    The past is one scary motherfucking place, and one man, The Gasman, appreciates this. An album made up almost entirely from cut-up and processed, old two-inch reel-to-reel classical recordings, with many utterly gross musical nuances. 'Horses On Ice' (track no.1) is one of the most flagrant attempts Iíve ever heard to alienate and attack listeners with just horribly dark and baron illbient soundscapes - yeah, it's mint and we're scared already.

    From there on in, the album gets continuously more and more intense, cutting between sometimes beatless, hollow pieces of vibrantly macabre horror-soundtrack pieces; gloomy and distorted, whaling with blood-curdling resonance, and dark but brilliantly managed dance tunes. Remedial is the right word to use, this is catch-up work for many listeners, as well as being a clever rearrangement of the past, perhaps not an improvement in everyoneís eyes, but certainly in mine.

    The samples are all so fresh, and yet, by that same token, they're all so old. It's great to listen to someone who has actively sought to give new life to music from the past, in an original and creative manner, instead of just performing some utterly self-indulgent cover. The production is inspiring, and the album grows on you like a melanoma in the shape of Kylie Minouge - horrible, inescapable, life threatening and utterly brilliant.

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