• frog pocket: untitled 7

    Frog Pocket - Fir Faas

    Reviewed by ben perini (absorb.org)

    <b> Frog Pocket </b> - Fir Faas

    either mike paradinas can truly pick 'em or other labels are dragging their feet signing credible talent. i suspect it's some combination of the two, but i digress. each of the two offerings from frog pocket are maturely crafted, cultured compositions, maybe revealing the artist's formal background in music. i really wouldn't know, because keeping up with paradinas' recruitments has proved difficult. i do know that frog pocket won't be rushed. his pacing is deliberately calm and the soul of these tracks is somewhat understated, but this music bleeds earnest. to my surprise, multiple listsens induce only a slight hint of a cheesy hangover. in any case, should frog pocket's musical repertoire have another dimension, i'll look forward to hearing a full length. as a 7", this will tide me over as these are excellent tracks, but before i speak to an overall impression of his artistry, i'll wait to hear more. now i just hope he is not a she, or i'll have a lot of explaining to do.