shitmat: untitled 7"

  • Shitmat - Shopliftin' Gabba

    Reviewed by ben perini (

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Shopliftin' Gabba

    for a genre that has been recently inundated with me too acts, why is it so easy to distinguish shitmat from all the trite wannabes? well, if done properly, assembling one of these mashups or audio fucks or whatever the fucks you wants to calls thems, which generally consist of digitally blended top-40 hits, familiar pop-culture samples, and complex drum programming, is not a simple gesture to perform. so for all the haters out there: shitmat's one of the artists who've successfully legitimized the sport of cleverly pouring top-40 vomit into the palates of gabba fans. most of 'em never saw it coming.

    a word about the a.side. shopliftin' gabba - total fucking madness. recommendation: listen on repeat until you find yourself about to swing a bat at your television. then act responsibly and turn off your record player.

    bill cosby & bagpipes? what's not to love here, folks?

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