• Jansky Noise & Speedranch - Mi^grate

    Reviewed by anil bawa (absorb.org)

    <b> Jansky Noise &amp; Speedranch </b> - Mi^grate

    if you've ever cocked about on a piece of music software for over half an hour, it will be clear to you that while some aspects of electronic composition are utterly mind-boggling, others, like magically hatching a noisy mess and calling it 'darkcore ambient', are childsplay. the level of global disk space tied up in 12-minute diy 'sound-scapes' knocked out of a native instruments package must surely rival the amount frozen in moronic cyclical fruity looped suspension.

    so upon glimsping see the art-work here i'm immediately suspicious. sjn veer from great toony-goth-noise, sinister and goofy all at once, to the aforementioned facile guff. when a promising title like 'bring me the ear of celion dion' delivers no more than a murky digital mess, i think i'm within my listening rights to feel betrayed.

    there's texture, yes, always the texture if nothing else, and gazing into a pool of algae for an hour can render the world luminous and vibrant, but you know what, i think i'll go elsewhere - like that fennesz record on touch, '+47 degrees....', hecker's latest full-length on mego or an untold amount of japanese otaku stuff. at least with those you don't get a wad of unwanted sci-fi sampleage thrown in like radioactive waste into your bargain bucket. pass me the chicken wings would you, i just lost my appetite for sound.

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