• µ-Ziq - Bilious Paths

    Reviewed by John Cochrane (noiseloop.com)

    <b> µ-Ziq </b> - Bilious Paths

    It's almost ten years since Mike Paradinas made his debut on rephlex with the classic 'tango 'N Vectif',a decade and countless albums later,
    it's time for his first album since 2000s 'Full Sunken Breaks'.And his back as Mu-Ziq.

    The album plays like a History lesson in the art of the Ziq,opener 'Johnny Mastricht' will be familiar to those who heard Mikes' Rude Ass Tinker track on last years 'Criminal 02' e.p.Almost a carbon copy but not as effective without the DSP vocals,but still a sweet track.'Meinheld' evokes memories of 97s 'lunatic Harness',fucked up breaks and manic beats,together with gorgeous melodies with cascade over the proceedings.things get heavier still in the form of 'Siege of Anitoch' and 'silk Ties',two pieces of lush intellectual headphuqs,kik drums,killer breaks,manic synths and complex rhythms,and production as tight as a nuns ass.genius.

    All the trademarks developed over the years are present,'Octelcogopod' comes straight from the Roayl Astronomy era, and 'Aec Merlin' could be from tangoor Bluff Limbo.The albums epic comes in the form of 'Grape Nut Beats pts 1&2' pt1 another slab of breakcore mayhem,inspired by Hellfishs 'Witch hunt' on Ziqs own Planet-Mu label.The beats are so refined,another example of Mikes vivid imagination and shit hot programming,a dark piece of electronic butchery.Pt 2 devles off into the 2 step garage vibe of 'Johnny Mastricht'.Nuff said.

    They's also the usual excursions into mellow of course,in the form of 'My Mengegus' and the emotional and the brilliant 'Fall of Anitoch'.Two heartfelt pieces of electronica.The album is as diverse,and perverse as we've come to expect,another shining example why Mu-ziqs at the forefront of this fucking brilliant genre of music.

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