• µ-Ziq - Bilious Paths

    Reviewed by Don Keye (Junkmedia)

    <b> µ-Ziq </b> - Bilious Paths

    From his 1993 debut, the clanging industrial funk-up, Tango 'n' Vectif, through the emotionally taut (and puzzlingly sedate) Royal Astronomy from 1999, µ-Ziq has alarmed, confused, and mostly impressed pretty much anyone interested in electronic music. And now Mike Paradinas, the man behind µ-Ziq and the electronic label Planet Mu, is set to release his seventh album in ten years

    Bilious Paths is not Paradinas' best record -- not surprising, considering his past work. According to µ -Ziq, there is apparently still no rest for the wicked. After helping invent the "IDM" style with his music and develop it with his label, µ-Ziq is still an expert on the knobs, and not a single note on this record isn't stitched perfectly to suit the whole. "Silk Ties" is as technically adept as anything on Squarepusher's Go Plastic or Mouse on Mars's Idiology, and with its warped rap samples and train-wreck of drum 'n' bass noise, it's as easily addictive a listen as Amon Tobin's track "Verbal".

    Critics might want to argue that the drill 'n' bass, dancehall, glitch and gabba influences articulate a man at a loss for his own voice. But evidenced by Paradinas' incredible dedication to his label and artists, what's more likely is his generosity and open-mind. Everywhere on Bilious Paths are signs that Paradinas is still in love with the music -- and with being µ-Ziq. This isn't the work of a tired businessman after too many days stuffing envelopes. This is track after track of ecstatic release.

    Planet Mu is where the most ear-burning IDM is being produced, and Paradinas is the label's rightful center. "On/Off" combines a wonderful nod to the horror vocal-shreds of Venetian Snares (µ-Ziq's heir to the IDM kingdom, if there is one) with a wickedly funky disco-bruit featuring the plum lyric "get those panties off, take those panties off". Picture the video now: Paradinas, decked out like that rap tarantula Nelly with the band-aid on his cheek, slapping asses and slaying ho-zombies. This bilious path is on fire.

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