• µ-Ziq - Bilious Paths

    Reviewed by Gal Detourn (Burnitblue.com)

    <b> µ-Ziq </b> - Bilious Paths

    Mike Paradinas – aka u-Ziq, Jake Slazenger and numerous monikers – is a minor hero to the electronica massive having made umpteen albums, collaborated with Aphex and established the Planet Mu label. Here, he’s does what we expect. And then a little of what we don’t expect. Like the opener, ‘Johnny Maastricht’, which is garage-rave injected with the kind of hardcore beat mayhem we expect from Mr.P. Paradinas’ distinctive melodic sensibilities are also there, bouncing without descending into Gorgonzola territory. u-Ziq has the knack of juxtaposing abrasive rhythmic brutality with elegiac beauty too. ‘Seige of Antioch’ is a case in point. Mournful strings cut across beatwise sonics that firmly boot the track into orbit. ‘On/Off’ meanwhile can only be described as fiendish vibes channeled into a vaguely electro meets Orbital direction. ‘Grape Nut Beats (Part One)’ meanwhile packs an infectious life affirming punch with its spitting gabbafied techno meets screwed jungle flavours. Sure, ‘Bilious Paths’ does occasionally sound like u-Ziq of yesteryear. But it sees Mike on form. 4/5

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