• µ-Ziq - Bilious Paths

    <b> µ-Ziq </b> - Bilious Paths

    It seems like forever since we last heard from Mr Paradinas (apart from the constant onslaught of devastating sevens, twelves and albums from an array of new talent on his Planet-Mu imprint and, erm, the odd remix), so it comes as a welcome addition to Mu’s fine and fast-growing catalogue to at long last have a new full-lengther from the man better known as Mu-ziq ready for public consumption. “Bilious Paths” chronicles much that has happened in the world of electronic music over the few years since his last album, taking in elements of bezerkerist beat constructions, ragga, electro, breaks, mash-ups, DSP trickery, hardcore revivalisms and, of course, a smattering of killer-melody led emotive IDM. “Meinheld” sound much like Squarepusher’s awesome Hadcore mashup on Mask 500, twisted spliced-up Amen breaks, hiccups, lilting melodies and bassbin decimating swivels of low-end..... killer. “Aec Merlin” is bluer in hue, gorgeous off-tune melodies and hissed-up shuffles, you’d have to go back a good few years to here playful, warm IDM produced with anywhere near us much character as this, classic stuff. “Mouse Bums”, meanwhile, is a masterclass in DSP re-wiring, processed tones and distortions with the melody lurking somewhere in the fog of the filtering going on, like a cross between Lexaunculpt and Pita, though substantially warmer than both. “My Mengegus” is the perfect album closer, shimmering warmth and spacious pads, all evocative strings and progressings, bells and a growing layering of lullaby lines that can’t help but move you in the nicest possible way. An all-round winner from Mu, classic electronic listening making for an essential purchase. Ace.

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