• Lexaunculpt - The Blurring Of Trees

    Reviewed by Sam (tesselate.me.uk)

    <b> Lexaunculpt </b> - The Blurring Of Trees

    WOW. I love this dude. I loved what i'd already heard by Lexaunculpt, and anyone else who's felt the same way has been waiting a seemingly bloody long time for this full lengther...

    Tapping in with 'The Tuning of Miniature Modems'. An orchestra warms up, broken, stuttering digitalism flowing in and out before the glitchy mellowness intro to 'Has Been Trying Not To Wonder'. I cant say enough good things about this track, so so good... three/four movements, effortlessly pulled together to form a really engaging and unusually uplifting, moving piece of electronica, lightness up until the deep bass lushness kicks in... gawd its fecking good, til it ends...
    Then interlude gloom takes over for 'A Funeral For A Pink Elephant Ear', kind of rainy day blue piano with static background ambience, nice, in a glum way.

    'Ninety Seven Cars And Free Love' is raw matrixy soundtrackness. Tooled up and kick ass before the orchestra glides in, crashing into glitchy squelch for 'A Drowning Cricket Quartet', more soundtrack blissfulness, and somewhere under the classy electronics, a steady beat leading into the classical last minute or so. This leads into the absolutely brilliant 'Le Elancholia', stuttering digital edge barely audible under the highly moving Bladerunner-meets-Moscow-Love Story strings... staggering!
    Aside from the light electronica moments and strings, theres harshness here too, the final 4-5 tracks add a lot more glitch to the mix, to remind you we aint at the bloody royal festival hall here. This is some seriously good programming, finished off with another orchestral track 'Emori Dixon Renamed', sounding like its being listened to thru a storm, very noisy round the edges, ace.

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