• Ambulance - The Curse Of Vale Do Lobo

    Reviewed by andrew stevens (absorb.org)

    <b> Ambulance </b> - The Curse Of Vale Do Lobo

    irish electronica? geddaway! nope, seriously, here it is - ambulance's debut the curse of vale do lobo (i'm not sure why the portuguese resort of vale de lobo is cursed....), on the much vaunted planet mu. actually ambulance are not so short of respect themselves these days, with peelie and plaid among their advocates.

    their reputation deserved, success on a more commercial level can be assured if this is an indication of what's to come in the future. the curse of vale do lobo begins as it means to go on, with 'tickle' providing an attention-grabbing opening track. there's 15 other tracks of equal merit on here, with 'taxi for john of god' demonstrating that the anodyne preferences for other (non gimmick-laden) electronic acts is not for them. it's also a good track to boot.

    infectious basslines is what it's all about and 'its curtains for you' acts as a requisite closer to this enjoyable record. i'm not surprised sheikh says he would like more time to spend deconstructing the latest planet mu releases if this is anything to go by. wouldn't we all?

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