• Ambulance - The Curse Of Vale Do Lobo

    Reviewed by Fela Lewis (logo magazine)

    <b> Ambulance </b> - The Curse Of Vale Do Lobo

    Though they work in the field of electronics, the vistas that this Dublin duo - Dunk and Trev - create are less self-conscious and more organic than the majority of their peers, eschewing blasts of digital squall for a more measured approach that variously recalls the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s sound effects for Dr Who and Blake’s 7 and the cyber-sex of Dinky, while the invention and attention to detail wouldn’t be wasted on a Mike Oldfield album. They won’t be thankful for that last comparison, but it’s valid if only for the breadth of imagination they employ, an approach that brings them into the orbit of both 242 Pilots and Farmers Manual, acts that all aspiring electronic alchemists are advised to check out forthwith. This is only their debut, but already they’re setting themselves up as a touchstone to be both admired and loved.

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