• Venetian Snares - Winter In The Belly Of A Snake

    Reviewed by Quentin Hewlett (The Silhouette)

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Winter In The Belly Of A Snake

    Releasing three full-lengths over the past year alone, Aaron Funk has proven himself a gifted and prolific musician. His music is the evolution of drill and bass. While intimidating to the uninitiated, the beauty and fragility of Winter ensure the repeated listens which truly illuminate this music. One gets a sense of the typography in which he locates beats surfaces, and passages of narrative composition. We quietly fall with "Stairs Song", a melodic trope repeated while strained textures suggest decay, while the highs in "Gottrahmen" and the bass in "Suffocate" sigh in melancholy.
    Funk knows the eroticism of his subject, as proven by his exquisitely controlled dsp abuse-harsh indeed, but also polite. Melodies and beats are frequently sentimental and sometimes a bit too obvious to be truly experimental. There's even some lyric work as the opener "Dad" is beautifully tragic pop. Snares's abrasively succinct and complex programming throughout the album demonstrates that there is an interesting and accessible ghost in this machine.

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