• Venetian Snares - Winter In The Belly Of A Snake

    Reviewed by adam anonymous (drowned in sound)

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Winter In The Belly Of A Snake

    Let’s get things straight: Venetian Snares is not for the faint of heart. If regular electronica gets you thinking “ooh, all a bit unlistenable”, you may as well get fucked in the face as soon as listen to this.

    The man otherwise known as Aaron Funk (honest to God!) flips his beat scattergun around with concurrent nonchalance and malevolence – too tuneful to be noise, too noisy to be tuneful.

    Winnipeg’s weirdest isn’t some one-dimensional IDM retard however. ‘Dad’, complete with disturbing “I had a dream you were still alive” cries, is genuinely unsettling, while The Misfits' ‘She’ gets some unexpected cover treatment in nu-electro-country-what-the-bleeding-hell-was-that? fashion.

    Delicate strings and subtle melodies are in constant competition with some seriously deranged mutant drum ‘n’ bass with Gulf War style detonation. And we’ve only reached track two, namely ‘Stairs Song’.

    ‘Tattoo’ matches ‘Dad’ for creepy impact, but then with shattered vocals like “I take your tattoo and store it on my face”, it was never gonna be a sunny walk in the park. Song titles begin to lose all meaning henceforth as the pure quality and disorientating pulsating madness begin to overtake previously undiscovered senses.

    It’s brutal, it’s nasty, it’s beautiful, and with two more essential albums from the past year to his name, you need VSnares like rapists need castrations. *****

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