• planet mu allstars: criminal '02

    Mu Allstars - Criminal '02

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Mu Allstars - Criminal '02

    it had to be really, hadn't it? i mean, the idea of taking harmless (and not so harmless) pop tunes and proverbially spewing digital vomit all over them to make them sound as fucked as possible is not a new one. but this release smartly bookends the genre since the release of the first criminal ep, way back in october 2000.

    eight tracks of music that'll you make you laugh, cry, wiggle and want to kill someone violently. possibly all at the same time. it takes a certain kind of artistry, even genius not only to make this sort of stuff. but then to take it through and spend time, money and effort getting it out there. it's a comfort to think that there are people there like this.

    the opening 'get wicked' by rude ass tinker (an anagram of tusken raiders aka mike paradinas) throws every single rave-tastic cliche into the powerbook blender and liberally sprinkles it over a bass-heavy 2-step mash-up. funky and freaky in equal measure. but things quickly turn nasty with the dark pulsating veins of arch-noise manipulators doormouse and venetian snares (here in his ventriloquist snakes guise). the former is hard, the latter is harder. but what really tickled us was the piss-taking swagger of 'can't get money out of my head' by the flying kylies. has to be heard to be believed.