Intriguing third album from London-based acousmatic composer John Burton

  • Leafcutter John - The Housebound Spirit

    Reviewed by Shlom (Boomkat)

    Leafcutter John - The Housebound Spirit

    ‘The Housebound Spirit’ is a startling, highly original piece of work that brings to fruition an evidently long thought out exploration of microscopic sounds, electro-accoustic tradition and a study of the intricacy of percussion and track construction. Bringing to mind a wide and varied host of originators, the 15 tracks on board veer from the concrete manipulations of “Electric Love” (featuring screams provided by Bit_Meddler, Venetian Snares, Hellfish and more!!!) to the industrial chill of “Khom?s” and the found sound intricacies and sample manipulations of “Mandolin Work”. Theres even a take on alternative Folk traditions on the cathartic “House or A Soul”, complete with acoustic guitar, harmonica and even the vocal drawl of Burton himself. Much of the material on board finds at its route acoustic material provided by Matthew Peters (Cello), Leo Chadburn (Recorder), Rachel Lipson (Clarinet), while the vocal talent of Kazumi features to great effect on the aforementioned “Khom?s”. Thought provoking and at all times stretching the boundaries of electronic composition with a big nod of respect to the originators, this must surely rank as one of Mu’s most daring releases to date. Recommended.

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