• Various - Children Of Mu

    <b> Various </b> - Children Of Mu

    Planet µ is an English label label founded in 1995. It breaks all the forms of music and (what is the most important thing) is doing pretty well if speaking about the money. It currently can be compared to Warp Records. But planet-Mu is much more productive - they serve some news every month. Furthermore, they are very open to noobies which is different feature from Warp wich has created a team at the launch of the label and it is hard for others to tresspass their requirements. So even those who are interested in the music of this specific kind of genre won't be familiar with the half of the Planet-mu artists. This compilation is not an exeption.
    Planet µ has released its last compilation back in the 2001 when The Cosmic Forces Of Mu showed up. It has become a classical piece of music for now. In the June a new compilation - Children Of Mu - is out. The name of it is not accidental because you will find lots of artists who joined this label in recent years in it. The compilation is started by The Gasman whose debut took place in the last year. Next is another one supersuccesseful debut artist - OOO (has released a very interesting album called Upon Cycles in February). Datach'i with his exclusive track. One of the sweetest tracks called Stasis is presented by Julian Fane. A clear enough concept is also created by Sublex - very good. Frog Pocket has also got a suprise - he serves a track of lyrical acoutics called Eyewarm. It comes out of the overall context - too romantic. The track made by Tatsuya Yoshida (aka Joseph Nothing) exclusively for the compilation is sounding even more beautiful but after it a totally crazy Shitmat follows - that's a really black Hardcore already. You don't get what is going around.
    You will also find a lot of familiar artists in this compilation. Jega, who delas the release of the new album from the very start of 2003, and in 2004 it is even gone from the lists of Planet-mu, is presenting his new track after a four year's silence. It does not surprise me a bit. Lexaucunpult does not need to be presented as well. Here you will find his Game Boy style track called Samus. I am not even speaking about the famous Luke Vibert - his Homework composition is travelling through the traditional styles of acid/n&b. But if you ask my opinion I'd say that it is pretty dry. Nautilis has dissapeared somewhere after releasing his debut album Sketches Vol.2 and Are You An Axolotl (he dissapeared as fast as he did appear on the scene). His track is J-3CVW reveals the more strict manner of his as he rpomised to do in his Special Interview for Sutemos. You can still feel the old Nautilis in it but the feeling is weak. Ecentrical Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares) does not seem to be playing anything new. A beatbox performace. The compilation is finished by a track of intrumental lyrics which is presented by Hrvatski who is in the experimental music for six years already.
    When you listen to Children of Mu you start noticing big differences between the tracks. Ambient music is in line with the darkest details of experimental music. It seems like they wanted to play more than there was space for the content. That is the only imperfection I can find. All the 26 tracks are so different that everybody will find the one you like most. Nevertheless I recommend this release to the lovers of a rougher music.
    Rating: 8/10