• Various - Children Of Mu

    Reviewed by FdW (Vital Weekly)

    <b> Various </b> - Children Of Mu

    Did I ever tell you how great compilations are? I sure did. They offer an overview of a label, a movement, an introduction with young artists, exclusive tracks of your favourite artists and the like. And did I ever tell you they are a nightmare to review? Which tracks to highlight? Who do we not mention? Not an easy task, certainly not when it's a double pack and certainly not when the label is called Planet Mu. They were down in my book as a label for all sorts of dance musics, but the inclusion of such people as Jap noise makers Guilty Connector or improviser Steve Beresford proved me wrong. Of course the majority of the works here are techno or drum & bass influenced, ranging from Luke Vibert and Jega to Lexaunculpt and then to Frog Pocket - the whole spectrum is indeed included. All of these are very nice and pleasent tracks, but it's the mixture of these pieces with tracks of other musics that make this an even nicer compilation. The wacky popmusic of Patrick Wolf, the singersongwriter qualities of Leafcutter John and the not even so strange noise by Guilty Connector which make this is into a very nice compilation CD.

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