• Various - Children Of Mu

    Reviewed by GH (Other Music)

    <b> Various </b> - Children Of Mu

    Featuring two CDs with 26 tracks in all, Children of Mu is the perfect reminder of just how prolific Planet Mu really is. The liner notes acknowledge this by chronologically listing all 90 of the label's releases, which only go as far back as six or so years. Prolific indeed. Diverse is another word that is certainly reinforced with this collection. There's a lot of electronic territory covered, from Luke Vibert's spacey, break filled funk to Chevron's hyper-dub'ed "Swimmin' Lessons" to the improvisational techniques of Urban Myth and Steve Beresford to the hard drum 'n' bass of Datach'i to the noise assault of Japan's Guilty Connector. There are plenty of other Mu "children" featured on this disc including Patrick Wolf, Hrvatski, Venetian Snares, Ambulance, 000 and Shitmat. Jega delivers his first new track in four years and there are exclusive tracks from Lexaunculpt, Datach'i, Joseph Nothing, Leafcutter John, Dykehouse and the Frost Jockey and Nautilis. Surprisingly, the only artist not present is µ-ziq, also known as Mike Paradinas, Planet Mu's founder; but his guiding force is most definitely felt, and heard, throughout.

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