• Various - Children Of Mu

    <b> Various </b> - Children Of Mu

    Possibly indicating a sea-change in the world of electronica, the spastic beats and off-beat vocals on Patrick Wolf's "A Boy Like Me", and Leafcutter John's pedal-steel guitar and harmonica lament "In A House or A Soul" sound a lot fresher and more of-the-moment than the more IDM based tracks on this compilation. Although there a some other great moments - Chevron's "Swimmin Lessons" is a great dislocated electro-tinged breakcore ragga track, with ghostly, reverbed vocal harmonies adding an other-worldly feeling to the beats, and Shitmat brings a welcome amount of humour to the selection in "Shopliftin Gabba".
    On the other side of the coin, 000's "3 Points" sounds like the worst excesses of Ninja Tune with more distortion, and Electronic Music Composer and Nautilus retread the already well-trodden Aphex circa 1997 sound. But overall this is a pretty good, and varied compilation.

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