• Various - Children Of Mu

    <b> Various </b> - Children Of Mu

    Founded by Mike Paradinas some years ago, Planet Mu has slowly become one of the labels to rely on for quality electronic music. With a roster counting the likes of Venetian Snares, Leafcutter John, Hellfish, Hrvatski, Nautilis and many more, Paradinas has provided a constant flow of new artists, giving them a platform to express their musical talent. From dense post-modern electronica to hardcore techno, Planet Mu constantly surprises. This new collection, follow up to the 2001 compilation The Cosmic Forces Of Mu, brings the label’s audience up to date on the latest developments, with tracks taken from recent releases by The Gasman, OOO, Urban Myth & Steve Beresford, Venetian Snares and many others, and also features previously unreleased material from Datach’i, Leafcutter John, Joseph Nothing, Dykehouse, and the first track from Jega in four years. Only Paradinas himself is not featured here.
    Saying that The Children Of Mu is diverse is a slight understatement. Showcasing the work of the label’s artists over the last couple of years and paving the way for the future, this compilation constantly jumps from one genre to another, yet retaining some essential Mu elements all the way through, from the pastoral display of The Gasman’s Imodium, which opens the album, to the dense techno constructions of Datach’i’s Kahknkunt and the Kraftwerk-esque classic electronica of Luke Vibert’s Homewerk. Sometimes taking the listener by surprise with completely unexpected incursions into offbeat terrains, as with Patrick Wolf’s eighties-flavoured input in the shape of the desperately catchy pop A Boy Like Me, or the stunning alt. country version of Leafcutter John’s In A House Of A Soul, already impressive in its original form, as featured on last year’s The Housebound Spirit.
    Despite a gentle start with Joseph Nothing’s Piazza Of Tomorrow, the second CD appears more upfront and experimental, with contributions from Brighton-based Shitmat, who, on Shopliftin’ Gabba, combines nonsensical hardcore and bagpipes, Electronic Music Composers, Ambulance or Guilty Connector, with the noise pollution of Cosmic Conspiracy, shards in Paradinas’ hand, thankfully spread around more subtle contributions from Nautilis, Urban Myth or Dykehouse & The Frost Jockey.
    A perfect introduction to the label, The Children Of Mu is also a reminder that Mike Paradinas himself has, in time, explored a variety of sonic landscapes with his solo work. The constant shift in the label’s focus has guaranteed its position on an ever changing scene, and this compilation only sum up its ethic with class.


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