• nautilis: sketches (planet mu)

    Nautilis - Sketches

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    <b> Nautilis </b> - Sketches

    seems like the perfect soundtrack for this particular week. the sun's out, wimbledon is on, the world cup is about to climax to an almighty final with germany v. brazil and nautilis is singing sweet nothings on 'epatre'. we massively bigged up his debut album, the stunning 'are you an axolotl'. and rightly so, the infectious mix of corrosive breaks, deft pop-like melodies and jittery attention span would have enchanted anyone that got to hear it.

    and while this isn't exactly new material, it does flow on nicely from his previous work. basically his two 12" ep's compiled onto one handy disc with some extra work thrown in just for the hell of it. employing the effective and staple-electronica trick of playing bittersweet tunes over nasty sounding drums works a treat. hyperactive opener 'rochesta' perfectly illustrates this.

    if we're going to nit pick then it could be said that his work is a tad formulaic, but a formula all his own. tracks like 'vecx' do stray into slightly darker territory with what is effectively a drum machine workout. but it's his skillful employment of arrangement that really impresses. the breakbeat duo of '777' and '888' were highlights on the individual ep's and stand out just as well here.

    we maybe too biased to give an accurate opinion on this young man's output, but we know a good thing when we hear it. trust us, if you only buy one album this year.....(then you're not buying enough!)