• Vsnares - 2370894

    Reviewed by Richard Fontenoy (Grooves mag)

    <b> Vsnares </b> - 2370894

    Ah, the sound of the jungle frying in napalm. Beats bursting in air, shrapnel breaks and a slight return to the avant-garde of yesteryear thrown in liberally for good measure Aaron Funk's latest selection spits sound at a rate and frequency guaranteed to match the rate at which he has new musical ideas within the space of a track. Staccato chunks of noise careen among hypertropied bursts of energy, rolling on undulating rhythms of a density and texture destined to ensure that lunch is not merely lost, but blanked from existence in the ensuing synthetic foodfight. This album does its best to prove that Aaron Funk is the arch exponent of the interface betwen maniac jazz, slimline grindcore chaos and jup-cut drum and bass Squarepusher should by now probably have been, even if he too sometimes flips wilfully over the edge into highly saturated ultra-noodling..

    There's barely a drop in propulsive digital dementia between the full-tilt dischordia of the surging breakbeat frenzy of "Twisting Ligneous" - all nine minutes of furious scattershot dub jazzcore drillnbass invention of it too - and the silly-season melodicism of "British IDM Preset Fanfare". The relentlessly mobile and ravagingly dark Amen breakathon "Fuck Toronto Jungle" is more than worth the ensuing headache too, ripping up a storm at the centre of a tweaked and twisted work of frequently breathtaking brilliance.

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