• Joseph Nothing - Dreamland Idle Orchestra

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Joseph Nothing - Dreamland Idle Orchestra

    ok, please don't do what we did and let this one pass you by. you just don't understand how difficult it is sometimes. running a (non-profit making) site such as this whilst juggling married life and a 'proper' job means that some records just don't get listened to until well after their release date. we try our best, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. what i can't figure out is how it happened to this one, i mean it's out on planet mu (a label which we hold with high regard) and we really liked mr. nothings last outing (the supremely scattered 'dummy variations'). go figure.

    this album is a dedication to the now-defunct yokohama dreamland themepark in japan. and judging by this, it's either the most fun or the most disturbing place to visit in the world. the opening bent chords of 'dreamland giest orchestra' are part sad, part evil. the fractured and disjointed rhythms do their best to topple any semblance of melody. the psuedo guitar changs on 'wind may blows nobody' are almost a throwaway effect while the excellent 'still' is beautifully melancholic. 'exhausted machine island' is slap-bass overdrive ala squarepusher.

    the sweetness can be overbearing at times and the album could have done with a some editing here and there. still, sounding like no-one else around, this will be held with high regard in years to come. do yourself a favour and appreciate it now.


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