• DJ Hekla - Eruption 1970

    Reviewed by Found Sounds (DJ magazine)

    <b> DJ Hekla </b> - Eruption 1970

    (Leftfield & Chill single of the issue 4-17 May)

    Some quality releases from Paradinas' Mu label at the moment, what with the excellent Nautilis album and the current guitar-led Weaver single. Adding weight to the cause, Hekla also gets involved, contributing a cut-up led seven that pays tribute to the hottest drummers from the funk era ("Eruption 1970") in a manic collage of breaks under an undulating soundscape. An equally tempting schizophrenic nugget on the B-side awaits, which also fuses more elctronics into a thunderous horn break before dropping into a more calming acoustic guitar outro. With a psychedelic cut-up as the last party piece, it makes this lil' seven inch well worth the hunt.

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