• Doormouse - Broken

    Reviewed by Marc Freeman (sonumu.net)

    Doormouse - Broken

    If music could ever be deemed psychotic, Doormouse's latest episode 'Broken' would be bound in a strait-jacket, gagged, heavily sedated, and tossed into a padded room. Utilizing a barrage of explicit samples, severely fucked-jungle breakbeats, and a generally severe penchant for perversity, Milwaukee's Dan Doormouse slings 14 tracks of sonic mud in your face, each track wickedly insane and practically screaming for institutionalization.

    The lunacy begins with 'peter b. beautiful' which includes samples regarding masturbation, homosexuality, and superb usage of George Michael's 'Faith.' What follows is a perverse patchwork of samples suffering from wild fits of heavy electronics, traumatized rhythms, and a hardcore deviation from things melodic. The sample-heavy psychosis is quite extensive, ranging from rants about pubic hairs & midgets, to samples from Stevie Wonder's 'Too High' and the Getto Boys' 'Gangster of Love,' to some of the same Star Wars samples used in Venetian Snares' 'Shiver in Eternal Darkness.' The samples, along with elements of speed metal, dub, blues, jazz, and a glut of diverse noise, provide enough digitally processed disease to fill a dozen asylums.

    A necessity for the breakcore fanatic, 'Broken' will also make a splendid gift for any hardcore fetishist who isn't afraid of going to hell. Get it in time for the holidays!

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