• Doormouse - Broken

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Doormouse - Broken

    can it truly get any more sicker? having cornered the market by exploring the tangent between hardcore / gabba / electronica with artists like venetian snares and hellfish & producer, planet mu boss mike paradinas has decided in his infinite wisdom to unleash this. the debut album by american midwest native doormouse and it's a truly terrifying ride.

    obviously attitude is the overriding factor; terabytes of tuff in yer face attitude. piling it on from the start, we have 'peter b.beautiful' ("do you like to masturbate?") with samples of george micheal, n.w.a. and the sounds of people being killed colliding head on in a glorious carnage. macerate and petrify; subtle it ain't. the intensity continues with the amusing 'puddy tairs' which has someone complaining about "pussy hairs on my toilet seat"; an excellent track with some funky breakbeat and sub-bass tomfoolery in the closing phases.

    as with any album where the style is intense and demanding, it can feel as if it's losing its grip. especially at the 3/4 mark and true to form tracks like 'warleg', 'gangster of funk' and 'finger high' do begin to grate on the ears after repeated listens. any semblance of variety and intricacy is buried under tonnes of digital pollution. midway through the psuedo-jazz of 'russell's never ending rack', there's a sample...."hyperactive child, take four". an apt description of doormouse.

    ending with the semi-amusing phone conversation of 'bacon' ("do you pay wages in bacon?"), i feel we have merely scratched the surface of what this man is capable of. comparisons will and have been made to venetian snares and it can be said this is just as hardcore.

    standout moments of carnage:
    track 1: 'peter b.beautiful'
    track 3: 'flatter platter play boy platter'
    track 4: 'puddy tairs'


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