• Doormouse - Broken

    Reviewed by Richard Fontenoy (Grooves mag)

    Doormouse - Broken

    Rude, crude and thoroughly offensive to any given set of senses and sensibilities, "Broken" blasts in straight from the hip to shove the hipsters against the wall in a blistering dose of breakbeat roughage. Spluttering with stadium-ravaging noise and ripped through with a twisted sense of obscene humour, there's much to enjoy on this record - provided getting repeatedly slammed about the eardrums at queasy velocities while an aphasiac DJ on a tremendous crystal meth jag is busily hurling records down a helter skelter is what makes the evening flow...

    Somewhere between avant-hard endurance test and the ridiculous extremes of sampling frenzy pulverised into nearly unlistenable grind, "Broken" wrenches musical guts with a perverted delight in making the ears bleed and the bowels tremble. Jazz, funk, disco, punk, spoken word and fragments of who knows what source material are rendered, flensed and hammered flat in an unholy hyperactive tussle approximating the collision-course mixing methodology of Cobra Killer, Shizuo and The Jack Officers: only much nastier. A switchback scattering of rants, electronic screeches and turntable rewinds struggle to be heard while an endlessly unfolding supply of crunchy, harder-than-Digital Hardcore beats and broken musical bones pound home the message - ugly is the new beautiful sound, almost by default. Never mind raging against the machine, this record comes straight from the poltergeist deep inside its heart, writhing and squirming with an inventive invective guaranteed to offend almost every listener on at least one level; and it's great.

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