• Nautilis - Are You An Axolotl

    Reviewed by NDv (Jockey Slut)

    <b> Nautilis </b> - Are You An Axolotl

    In which Texan electronicist Skyler McGlothlin wisely looks beyond standardized clicks and glitches. Fusing late 80's hip hop, gnarly rapping and 70's soul soundtracks amongst the glassy electronic scenery, he's come up with a scintilating set that leaves most contemporary electronica contenders for dead. Even without such lateral thinking, Nautilis' twinkling piano sweeps, evocatively weary atmosphere and pin-sharp rhythmical cascades collude to remind us why electronica was so exciting four years ago. "It's Lonely In The Streets" is even a classy song. Planet Mu's finest since Capitol K's debut.


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