nautilis: sketches vol.1

  • Nautilis - Sketches Vol.1

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (

    <b> Nautilis </b> - Sketches Vol.1

    excellent taster for the marvellous 'are you an axolotl' album. it may be yer standard electronica fare, but rarely has it sounded as fresh as it does here. opener 'rochesta' fuses a beautiful arrangement around squeaking drum machines to great effect. '888' ups the ante with a mutated breakbeat and repeat-fire vocal triggers. 'the breaks vol.2' is a staggering slice of downtempo hip-hop.

    'plunder' strays from the formula slightly with a loose experimental piece but the gentle melancholic feel of '492 cups to china' takes us out on a gentle tundra. a great introduction to a unique talent. believe us, this is the real need a piece of nautilis.

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