• Nautilis - Sketches Vol.1

    <b> Nautilis </b> - Sketches Vol.1


    Texas fella Skyler McGlothlin does his bit in contributing to Planet-Mu’s finest run of releases to date, Nautilis capturing the electronic mood of the moment perfectly, and adding a few sparkling twists of its own just for good measure. ‘Sketches..’ shines from end to end across 6 tracks of melodic and gently abrasive melodies, beats and rumbles. ‘Rachesta’ opens us up to classic IDM (oh how we hate the word) - expertly produced and heartfelt, a skipping beat at midpace with some nostalgic archetypal melodies that are BOC-like in the vaguest sense, although the comparison seems to be apt only for it’s evocation of all things childlike and bittersweet. In the nicest way, off course. ‘888’ brings to mind the tremendous ‘Ikabana’ EP from the criminally overlooked Rawakari...a fast and fairly aggressive break tumbles amid pinches of distortion, the synthlines vaguely menacing and romantic at the same time, shards of vocal chooped up and mangled in the finest Prefusian kinda way. ‘The Breaks Vol 2’ really does sound a little like ‘in a beautiful place...’ crossed with some vintage late night loops : moody and evocative in equal measure, makes you enjoy the ability to just sit and reflect undisturbed. ‘777’ opens the flip and acts as homage to Autechre in style as well as name, rumbled hip hop loops, lots of undersurface constructs, sublime melodies. Ace. The closing ‘492 cups to china’ throws in some live drums to great effect..Dj Shadow springs to mind with a distinctly electronic twist. Excellent stuff indeed, and limited to the usual 1000 copies for the world.

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