• Decal - 404 Not Found

    Reviewed by Martin McCann (gcn.ie)

    Decal - 404 Not Found

    Just when you thought everything musical to come out of Ireland was Rock, Folk, Diddley Aye, Eurovision winners and Louis Walsh Pap Stars, Decal present 404 Not Found (Planet Mu), a complete work long overdue. Purveyors of Electronica for some time now Alan O'Boyle and Dennis McNulty nod to the likes of John Cage on opener Moylough and Pat Metheny's Electric Counterpoint from Steve Reich's Different Trains with Plan A. Currently doing the No Disco video loop with the superb Somewhere Worth Living featuring The Last Post's Alan Kelly on guitar, Decal have created a beautiful monster of which I am not worthy. There is a God and he comes from Planet Mu!

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