• Luke Vibert - Homewerk

    Reviewed by D.J. (Overload Media)

    Luke Vibert - Homewerk

    The wierdy-beardy breakbeat boffin cranks out a commendable quartet of accessible acid-tinged workouts for Mike Paradinas’s ever-shifting Planet Mu. Nothing here to really stretch the old grey matter, but with a great deal of Planet Mu material currently on the IDM / structured noise tip it’s refreshing to find something as simple, soulful and effective as this. On the A-side, ‘Homewerk’ exudes a dark Sun Electric kind of vibe, whilst ‘Acid 2000’ offers a classic slab of old skool 303 breakbeat that’ll twist heads on both speeds given the right application. Over, and ‘Cash ‘N’ Carry Acid’ adopts an altogether dirtier, funkier groove, whilst ‘Come On Chaos’ kicks out frazzled acid frequencies over wigged-out retro-isms. More please.