• Kettel - Tadley Management E.P.

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    <b> Kettel </b> - Tadley Management E.P.

    the process by which i select records to review is based entirely on chance. just simply pick six at random from the pile sitting in the corner next to the kitchen entrance and listen to them over a period of a day or so, before applying words. but occasionally i'll pick something and then look a bit lost as i realise that this has been sitting here for a while.

    kettel's 'tadley management ep' is one such record. originally released in 2001 for gods sake, this was probably cutting, no, bleeding-edge at the time. but now? well it still has value. crunchy, glitchy, warm and funky in equal amounts, head for the delightful 'buxom berceuse' for the instant gratification.