hellfish: meat machine broadcast system

  • Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    we enjoy skull-splitting demonic mental-as-fuck hardcore techno just as much as the next person, ask our neighbours. but while the concept of listening to this most extreme form of music on a daily basis may not seem particularly enticing (after all it does induce a headache after a while), essex-based producer hellifish has no problem in churning out what could be described as the musical work of satan.

    musically, hardcore techno could be seen as being the lowest form of electronic music. and while it certainly sounds like its pandering to the gabba masses, hellfish manages to infuse it with shards of familiar hip-hop and breakbeats. so the relentless hedonism of 'bring on the hurricane pain' is momentarily broken up by l.l.cool j's 'mama said knock you out'. likewise the deep tones of chuck d appears to novel effect on 'radical digital'. an attempt to link the loose thread of hardcore rap to its techno cousin.

    but let's not try to over-intellectualise here. no words can deconstruct the sheer ferocity of tracks like 'emperoronics' or (our favourite) 'man vs. machine'. just go with the flow and smash your head repeatedly against the wall. after listening to this album, doing some celibate charity work in a third world country will seem very appealing.


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