Noise producer back for more

  • Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    Flying solo this time after last year's frenzied "Constant Mutation" link-up with Producer, Essex label boss Hellfish has here assembled all the right elements for the best hardfloor drum'n'bastard stormtrooper death-disko album ever.

    An ingredients list: techno-fucked, electro buggered vocals worthy of sonic terrorists V/Vm, kamikazee future-metal noise beats reminiscent of the Digital Hardcore crew, booming old-skool rap snippets and howling sirens, distorted radio static and deafening percussion bombs - all peppered with Star Wars laser-gun whoops and splatterpunk sci-fi FX.

    But what keeps this album from the heady heights of uglycore is it's uneven quality and occasional lack of focus. Balancing every turbo-tweeting boom symphony such as "radical Digital" is a generic big-beat bruiser like "Guerrillas On The Piss". Behind the caked-on grime of lowbrow grindtronica titles like "Dangerous Turd" lies an essentially conservative bottom line more akin to the Prodigy's 21st century heavy metal than the speedfreak gabba carnage of "Constant Mutation". The demonic voices and pulverising beats are potent enough, but a little more vision and quality control might have whipped these gnarly beasts into full-bore monsters.


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