• Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    There's such a thin line between clever and stupid, and these guys know exactly where to draw it. Lesser goes straight for excess, not giving a good goddamn what anyone thinks about it. Each track seems ready to tear itself apart in pursuit of new ideas, making Kid606's dancehall mix of this EP's title track feel positively tranquil by comparison. banging on your eardrums with some deeply supple breaks and beats, Hellfish brings a malign spirit of intervention to his CD. "Radical Digital" manages to chase slivers of Public Enemy's freestyle political rhetoric back into the early days of rave's mounting repetitive beats while giving Chuck D's words a fresh metal finish. "Gurrillas On The Piss" is worth checking for the name alone, and "R.I.P" constantly whips itself to new levels of delerium. Get stupid. It's the only sane alternative.

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