• Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System

    ...At the other end of the spectrum lies DJ Hellfish, whose Meat Machine Broadcast System (Planet Mu, ZIQ041) follows last year’s Constant Mutation. Perhaps one of the most anticipated Planet Mu releases of the year, Meat Machine Broadcast System is a truly violent record, infected by convulsive electro-shocks, breakbeat twinges and sniper-like beats. This album can be a bit of a handful for the non-initiated, but with endorsement by the likes of Aphex Twin, DMX Krew and Mike Paradinas, it is obvious that the man is a talent not to be ignored. And, with unexpected treasures such as the humorous pinball jazz Guerrillas On The Piss. Voices come into the equation from time to time in a vain attempt to give some sense to this vast chaos, but Hellfish’s dance floor terrorism intentionally brushes aside any vaguely human structures in favour of walls of noise distortions.

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