• Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (absorb.org)

    Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    another planet mu discovery. that may mean good or bad news, depending on your feelings for said label. us? well we quite like the recent output of cheeky techno that they've delivered. from the skullf**k of hellfish to the evocative musings of tim tetlow, we all think it's class. mike dykehouse is another imperfect addition to the family, having an unfortunate surname hasn't deterred mike from producing this brilliant debut.

    more akin to the playfulness of planet mu's boss mike 'µ-ziq' paradinas. it shows that techno, in the right hands and with the right equipment, can be fun! to paraphrase radiohead, 'anyone can play a korg ms-20'. but the cheery attitude and joyful larking about is only half the story. the kicking electro-pop of opener 'yorkshire acid burn' is only a teaser for the analogue delights within. 'cheesy haiku model' continues the theme of strange track titles and beat crunching compositions. elsewhere the spirit of the boards of canada appears with some melancholic hip-hop ('kalamazoo') and junglist ruffness ('humid easel jockey'). we also quite like 'record store track' which starts off in an electro funk style and ends up as drill'n bass. great.

    hardly original by any stretch of the imagination. overall, quite a nifty little collection of tunes. tunes loaded with melody, beats and all the other ingredients which make electronic music such an utterly f**king ace genre.


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