• Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    Mike Dykehouse (you’ve read everywhere else that it’s his real name, so we won’t bore you with that) comes from Kalamazoo, a spitting distance away from Detroit. This might explain the definite techno feel oozing out of Dynamicobsolescence. But, as perceptible the influence of the Motor city is here, Dykehouse also borrows much of his experimental threads from the likes of Aphex Twin, Plaid, Squarepusher (in his more subdued moments, admittedly) or µ-ziq. The connection with the later doesn’t end here, as Dykehouse hassled Mike Paradinas for over three years before the Planet Mu guru, confronted with this young talent, eventually decided to release his records. As he lays wave after wave of warm analogue sounds on sumptuously constructed beats, Mike Dykehouse pays tribute to the pioneers of electro, as well as to those who have contributed in building a strong British electronic scene. With such a duality of form in hand, Dykehouse gives a considerable space to epic earthy melodies, making them central to his compositions. The mood is generally mellow and slightly melancholic. However, from time to time, some more upbeat vignettes take shape in the distance, as if he was genuinely scared of approaching them for long. Although Dynamicobsolescence kicks off with a fast moving, bouncy piece of pure electro, reminiscent of early post-acid Warp (Yorkshire Acid Burn), the more buoyant tracks are scarcely dispatched between the incorporeal compositions. The electro-funk of Record Store Track, the Aphex-like ambience of Cargo Cult or Quick Migraine Fixture, or the Plaid-inspired Chapel Hillectro all act as some sort of links between vaporous waves of nonchalance, as if the man was effortlessly bringing his diverse inspirations together for the comfort of the listener. These introvert, reflective, tracks are actually the most inspiring of the lot, introducing some organic melodies and concussed beat structures, evoking in turn Plaid (again) and early µ-ziq on Cheesy Haiku Model or Kalamazoo, Future Sound Of London (Gurysm, Fluffernutter) or early Polygon Window/AFX (Ypsitucky, Last Track). Dynamicobsolessence is the first effort by an artist who obviously has considerably more to offer. Equally at ease with the analogue and laptop generations, Mike Dykehouse constantly switches between one and the other, extracting the best from each.

    **** (4/5)

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