• Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    Reviewed by Lars Andersson (girlplusboy.com)

    Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    Dynamic Obsolescence is Detroit DJ Mike Dykehouse's first full-length album, and it properly displays this DJ's fascination with the tradition of his city, as well as with some German predecessors. The album itself is strictly a one-man affair, with Dykehouse creatively responsible for all 19 tracks. It goes some distance to demonstrate just how much can be accomplished by one person alone, with some decent, yet accessible equipment and some experience and talent.

    This album features Dykehouse's rather funky and slightly unorthodox style of techno, with a good measure of soul in tracks like "Cheesy Haiku Model," as well as more spacey George Clinton-funk in "Record Store Track". The influence of jungle is more obvious on tracks like "Humid Easel Hockey," which also has an introspective, sci-fi feel to it. Moody, ambient-like electronica on "Lost Copy" adds to the mix, as does the groovy house of "Dairy Bird".

    There are hints of the now so trendy 80s disco on "Ultra Taboo," but otherwise a great deal of the album pays homage to the dreamy techno of Detroit legends like Anthony Shakir and Juan Atkins. The ghosts of classic German acts Kraftwerk, Can, and Neu hover surreptitiously over the album, but the tone of the set ultimately rests solely with Mike Dykehouse himself.

    This is an assured and confident debut album from a potentially very interesting DJ. If it also makes you want to dig up your old Kevin Saunderson and Derrik May 12" records, then it has certainly accomplished something groovy.

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