• Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    Reviewed by Chris Blue (Jockey Slut)

    Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    The sleevenotes sum it up nicely: "Committed to four-track between 1996-2001. Mastered, edited and reconstructed from different versions at different pitches with different EQs on noisy TDK 90s and bass-heavy minidiscs into the pristine masterpiece that lies before you". So, some low resolution, glitch obsessed producer of electronica has decided to have a clear out? Well, yes, but this collection of bedroom studio flotsam is something to get excited about rather than avoid. Tracks like "Shelf Life", "Ultra Taboo", "kalamazoo" and "The Patina Of Accumulation" are warm, confidently melodic and more than a little like Boards Of Canada, recalling "Music Has The Right To Children" without being second rate facsimilies. Elsewhere, Mike does Squarepusher - see the boosted drum'n'bass of "Humid Easel Hockey"(!?) - but sadly, many of the remaining 15 tracks lean towards the sort of aimless rambling that typifies so much electronica. And as the high points of this LP demonstrate, Mike Dykehouse can do so much better than that.

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