• Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    Reviewed by JD (wax magazine)

    Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

    More Dutch madness reaches our shores, this time from Mike Dykehouse who has chosen his surname as his production name. Obviously crispy toast and chips'n'mayonnaise have influenced this guy while creating this fantastic album, plus of course one or two other things. A kind of futuristic nu-skool electro - he's made good use of the electronic melodies without making the tracks sound cheesy, something that one or two other producers have unfortunately done. It starts with the atari-esque "Yorkshire Acid Burn" which I'm hoping is some kind of tribute to my fellow Yorkshire men and women. The album moves through various moods from upbeat to laid-back numbers like "Shelf Life" and "Ypsitucky". "Humid Easel Hockey" is definitely one to check out with it's heavy drum'n'bass breakbeats riding throughout the track. Whether it's bubbling basslines, electro beats of the grungy style which are present in one or two of the grooves, this album certainly does promise total satisfaction to the listener. (9)

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