• Electric Company - Slow Food

    Reviewed by Gal Detourn (iDJ)

    Electric Company - Slow Food

    Brad Laner, AKA Electric Company, makes odball, glitchy electronica that is informed by both the "playful" and "futuristic" ends of the spectrum. His desire to play the avant card, instead of simply letting rip, does get monotonous, but there are still plenty of bonkers moments to savour. "Yresbo", for example, is a mad carousel where mellow funk meets whaked out electronics, whilst "New Imbalance" is a stomping playful beast that mutates into a frenetic arcade game with all the frenzy but without the square eyes. However, Laner is at his best when he adds screwed guitars to the brew. "Bonkers-electronica" at it's best.

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