Veteran avant-rocker converts to electronica, with some success

  • Electric Company - Slow Food

    Reviewed by John Mulvey (UNCUT)

    Electric Company - Slow Food

    As drummer in Eighties LA band Savage Republic, Brad Laner helped initiate the sombre dirge-rock later perfected by Godspeed You Black Emperor! In the early-Nineties, he fronted Medecine, who introduced aggresive shoegazing to America and made a decent record for Creation. An alleged 300 albums later, the protean Laner trades as Electric Company and occasionally adds guitar feedback to a host of fashionably messed-up digital glitches and chirrups. The likes of "Un Polvo", then, make Slow Food useful for My Bloody Valentine fans contemplating an upgrade to new and equally dysfunctional soundscapes. Watch out, too for a guest appearance from feted shitstirrer Kid 606 on the predictably stroppy "Men's Pocky"

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