venetian snares: songs about my cats

  • Venetian Snares - Songs About My Cats

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    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Songs About My Cats

    nice. some low-key melody to start the show. not for long though. the madcap canadian, aaron funk brings his madness back with a disc that is a little quieter than some of his previous output, but by no means a calm recording. think of the words hushed, and gentle, than think of the most extreme antonyms possible. than you can get some idea of how 'songs about my cats' plays.

    but this is not an insult by any means. in fact, i am one of those people who sometimes cannot get it fast enough and hard enough. once in a while you need something that is just so fucking rough that there is nothing you can do except succumb to the lunacy. programmers are on overdrive here, but maintaining a coarse playing field. kind of like putting the engine of a lamborghini inside of a yugo. the speed is there, but the gritty, dirty element of sound remains, no matter how fast it's going. but for all the speed, the noise, the grinding, there are small inklings of saccharine melody, which makes for one disparate track after another.

    one of the other venetian snares projects that i have heard was his collaboration with speedranch. i was always a fan of speedranch, being from the v/vm school of noise, and their output, 'making orange things' was something from another world. the concept of sound takes on a whole new meaning. with 'songs about my cats,' there seems to be a bit more cohesiveness behind the tracks, which makes it more accessible to those listeners who might not be able to handle the intensity. dedicated to his 7 cats. continuing the tradition of quality planet mu artists and releases, all made to induce aural psychosis.

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