• Venetian Snares - Songs About My Cats

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Songs About My Cats

    As if Mike Paradinas didn’t have enough odd back catalogue, Aaron Funk laysdown a concept album about the four felines who extend their companionship into his Winnipeg studio. As bizarre pretenses go, this is certainly out there but aside from the occasional title reference and frankly frightening cover art there is little here to conjour images of the furry beasts ­ Funk explaining that he took more inspiration than execution. Though certainly less psychotic than recent excursions with Speedranch, Songs is still dominated with madness - crazed post-Aphex d&b is the order of the day here, the album clutching to the occasional beat-less fugue before again slipping back underneath the chaotic Octamed percussive depths. White-knucklesonics.

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