• Venetian Snares - Songs About My Cats

    Reviewed by Gal Detourn (DJ magazine)

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Songs About My Cats

    Venetian Snares, aka Canadian Aaron Funk, whose collaborated with the bonkers Speedranch and has apparently made the Aphex Twin's ears prick up, has four cats. Hence "Songs About My Cats". But don't worry, this isn't a concept album from hell. Not at all. We're talking hardcore digital abrasions that gel into fresh aural nuggets: gabbatastic, quick-fire blasts of screwed beats, tinnitus inducing textures and seemingly freeform detours. Okay, in lunging to grab the trophy labelled "most radical", Aaron does occasionally meander, but as "Breakfast Time For Baboons" demonstrates, he has a little of Beefheart in that wayward electronic soul of his, so what the hell?


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