various lunatics: the cosmic forces of mu

  • Various - The Cosmic Forces Of Mu

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    <b> Various </b> - The Cosmic Forces Of Mu

    now while the time may be ripe for labels to start whoring themselves with the obligatory compilation, we at absorb towers aren't fooled by whims of marketing men. and as a result, most of the compilations we get end up in the file marked 'charity'. unfair but if we spent all our time listening to all the compilations we get sent, then we'd never have time for anything else. but luckily, mike paradinas aka ยต-ziq has nothing to 'fear' here. for planet mu is his label and this is a handy round up of all his artists that you couldn't be bothered to seek out.

    following on from the wholly enjoyable 'mealtime' comp a couple of years back, this is two cd's worth of music that'll make you dance, leap, jump, scream and eventually have you running to ibiza for safety. eschewing the boss' policy of creating music that could kill you while trying to make you dance, it is a refreshing reminder that electronic music is still safe in hands of the slightly disturbed. we've no time to go into detail here, but it's safe to say that the contributions by the likes of capitol k, kettel, hellfish, dykehouse, the dj producer, hrvatski and kid spatula are all worthy of repeat listens.

    surprisingly more ear-friendly than its predecessor, the output of the artists within veer from those who are taking the piss to some genuine innovation. if you want a snapshot of the current 'electronic music' scene. then we suggest you seek this and the similarly excellent 'tigerbeat inc.' compilation. welcome to our world.....


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