• Various - The Cosmic Forces Of Mu

    Reviewed by Gal Detourn (DJ magazine)

    <b> Various </b> - The Cosmic Forces Of Mu

    This, the first compilation from Mike Paradinas' Worcester based label in four years, features his own Kid Spatula project, as well as poppy electronica from Capitol K, dub-wise glitchtronic beauty from Kettel, wiggly worm funk from Luke Vibert, scratchtastic old-skool abrasion from Hellfish, d&b thrash from Doormouse, furiously comical beat distortion from Speedranch vs End, motorik atmospherics from Electric Company and... oh, need I go on?

    This is clunking, clanking, geek boy innovation. Not as stylish as Warp's sonic adventurers, perhaps, but far more vital as it dumps on more fashion conscious "street" artists from a great height


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