• Various - The Cosmic Forces Of Mu

    Reviewed by TM (Jockey Slut)

    <b> Various </b> - The Cosmic Forces Of Mu

    The sketch? Unreleased tracks from electronic maverick Mike Paradinas' label and very much created in his image - namely, a mix of electronic inspiration and unlistenable toss.

    Highlights? Jega's extraordinarily good Warp-y shuffle "Geometry (ยต-Ziq Remix)", and hybrid indie-electronicist Capitol K's "Capitol Beat Sticky". And who on earth are Leafcutter John (whose "Khom?s" is comparable to "Windowlicker") and Dykehouse (the atmospheric ballad "Again, Again")?

    Lowlights? The usual chortlesome drum'n'bass thrashing (eg, Doormouse's "Skelechairs"), plus equally unfunny "old school" mixes from Bit Meddler ("Shitmix 2000") and Rude Ass Tinker ("U Can't Touch This"). The names are as side-splitting as it gets. Honestly.

    The verdict? A surprisingly large amount of good stuff on here, mostly by people you've never heard of. This label needs watching more closely.

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